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Chaozhou Huaying liquefied natural gas terminal project signing ceremony held in Beijing

In September 10, 2016, Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun natural gas company and Chinese Global Engineering Company Limited held Chaozhou Huaying liquefied natural gas receiving station project signing ceremony in Beijing. The preliminary design of the project, invited five well-known domestic enterprises to participate in the tender, through fierce competition, finally Chinese global engineering company limited to the comprehensive advantages of the successful bidder.

The signing ceremony presided over by the China Global Engineering Company Limited Director and general manager Huang Yonggang LNG and Off Shore Company. The general manager of Chinese Petroleum Corporation assistant secretary Wang Shihong, vice mayor of Chaozhou Chen Shaohong, Huang Yibin Chaozhou City Transportation Bureau, Chaozhou Port Development Zone, Raoping County, Chaozhou City, director Lin Wenfeng attended the signing ceremony as a special guest.

The general manager of Hua Ying Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. chairman Shu Changxiong, Chinese Global Engineering Co. Ltd. Wang Xinji speech and signed the agreement.

Chairman Shu Changxiong in his speech pointed out that in response to the national and Guangdong Province on optimizing energy structure, promote green development, a series of call, to speed up the Chaozhou area the supply of liquefied natural gas, in June 2013, my company registered company in Chaozhou City, the establishment of the Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun gas limited, more than 6 thousand ceramic enterprises main service porcelain. The project a scale of 3 million tons / year, the two phase of the scale of 6 million tons / year, the total investment is expected to about 12 billion yuan. After the completion of the project for the location of the former Soviet central Raoping county increased billion tax and thousands of jobs. He believes that through this cooperation, the two sides will be able to give full play to the advantages of both sides, the integration of resources to achieve strong cooperation, and jointly make new contributions to the development of liquefied natural gas in china.

General manager Wang Xinji said in his speech, Chinese Global Engineering Co. Ltd. is committed to the national construction of green energy projects, focused on the large and medium sized liquefied natural gas project, for the implementation of the party''''s eighteen proposed the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of the beautiful China target contribute Chinese HQCEC innovation in LNG terminal construction process to promote the localization process of LNG, and made a series of outstanding performance. The Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun natural gas company cooperation, we must live up to your expectations of us, trying to fight the project in quality engineering, project demonstration, speed up industrial gas and domestic gas supply process of the eastern region, provide a strong support for the Guangdong province to speed up "a network of the province".